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Ultra high-detail, photo-realistic images









A favorite among fishermen, hunters, and athletes, sublimation offers the brightest, most photorealistic images without the sometimes bulky feel of printing. The image literally dyes into the threads of the shirt fabric, guaranteeing that your design will last as long as the shirt- or longer.


How does it work?

Custom Sublimation printing uses polyester (not your granny's polyester, don't worry) shirts combined with a special dye and paper to literally dye the image onto the shirt. This method is much less complicated than screen printing, but there are some restrictions. Sublimated color blends with the color of the custom shirt on which they are printed, so the best result comes from printing on white or light colored garments. You unfortunately can't sublimate on dark colored garments. There is no cracking or peeling in a sublimated print so you can guarantee that durability is the best you can get. This process will only work with a polyester shirt, but you can get a "vintage" effect by using this on a cotton/polyester blend since the image will only wash out of the cotton fibers. As far as art is concerned, any file format is acceptable. Just make sure that your image is high quality.


You'll find that Black Rose Ink & Dye is the leader when it comes to quality, professional work. Whether you've got an order for 20 custom shirts or an order for 500 - we're the shop that you want working on them. Not only are we dedicated to providing you with the best custom shirts at very competitive prices, we also offer a free delivery service within the Ocala area every Friday.

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