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Screen Printing

The O.G.of custom shirt design







Screen Printing is more than likely what you're most familiar with when you think about custom shirt design. From simple, one-color designs to stunning four-color processes - this method of laying ink over the garment is the industry standard for most designs. 


How does it work?

Screen printing is pretty cool. And sometimes messy. But that's fun, right?

Custom Screen printing is the process of coating a screen with photosensitive emulsion to create a stencil that the ink can flow through to create the design. So how do you do multiple colors? We can separate your design into its individual colors by using a different screen for each color of the design. A film positive of each color is then created on an acetate film. This film is applied to the screen and it is exposed to ultra-violet light. Each color in the design requires a separate screen - which can get pretty crazy when you've got 6 plus colors! The UV light hardens the emulsion in the area of the stencil where no ink will pass during printing and then the unhardened portion of the emulsion is washed out with water and the stencil is created. The format that your art is in is a big player when it comes to screen printing. You'll need a vector-type file (such as .ai, .eps, .cdr, .pdf and .fla). Photo images (the ones you're more familiar with also known as raster) such as a .jpg, .png, .bmp are not acceptable and will require us to recreate the art. This may incur additional fees if the design is complicated.


You'll find that Black Rose Ink & Dye is the leader when it comes to quality, professional work. Whether you've got an order for 20 custom shirts or an order for 500 - we're the shop that you want working on them. Not only are we dedicated to providing you with the best custom shirts at very competitive prices, we also offer a free delivery service within the Ocala area every Friday.




Screen Printing
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